Christian Erbacher: Presentations on national and international occasions

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The following table can be sorted according to Date, Place, Title, Context, and Field to which the presentation relates: Wittgenstein research (i), Editorial philology, electronic publishing, humanities computing and text theory (ii), Management, representational functions and R&D activities (iii).

2008(GB) NorwichFrom Analysis to Interpretation: two kinds of clarification in Wittgenstein's early and middle periodPostgraduate Conference Understanding Wittgensteini
2008(A) Kirchberg a.W.Abbildung und lebendes Bild in Tractatus und NachlassPaper at the 31th International Wittgenstein Symposium "Reduction and Elimination in Philosophy and the Sciences", org. Alexander Hieke and Hannes Leitgelb. i
2008(N) BergenInformation and MeaningPaper given at ‘Critical perspectives on technology and society’ Seminar at University of Bergenii
2008(Albania) ElbasanDie Anfaenge der Sprachphilosophie des 20.Jahrhunderts in Ludwig Wittgensteins Tractatus Logico-PhilosophicusInvited Paper at "Aleksander Xhuvani University of Elbasan " in cooperation with Deutsche Abteilung at University of Elbasan, Robert-Bosch-Stiftung and Herder-Stiftungi
2007(A) Kirchberg a.W.Utilizing Experiences from Knowledgebay for Digital Wittgenstein ScholarshipPaper at the 30th International Wittgenstein Symposium "Philosophie der Informationsgesellschaft / Philosophy of the Information Society", org. Alois Pichler and Herbert Hrachovec. i, ii
2005(D) Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg DelmenhorstIndividual tendencies in timing internal and external events when using Libets ClockPresentation at Preemptive Perception workshop
2003(N) BergenKnowledgebay and the Bergen Electronic Edition (BEE)Presentation at WAB, AKSIS (since 2009 "Uni Digital") (Bergen) ii