Joint Nordic Use of VWA Helsinki and WAB Bergen (JNU VWAB) (2008-2011)

Sixth call for proposals (published 9.5.2010, deadline for applications 7.6.2010)

What we offer

The von Wright and Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Helsinki and the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen are pleased to announce the sixth call for proposals for researchers and research groups in the Nordic and Baltic region.

We offer financial assistance for short-term (up to 1,5 months) projects to be conducted at the von Wright and Wittgenstein Archives in Helsinki (WWA) or the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen (WAB). The projects should contribute to research related to Wittgenstein, digital editing or both. Participants of selected projects are granted reimbursement of travel expenses (Economy Class), accommodation and living expenses (NOK 1100 per day, see NordForsk's rates) and use of WAB or WWA, including a working desk at the archives, free of charge for the agreed duration of the project. Neither salaries nor insurance will be funded by the JNU VWAB activity.

This support is made possible by financial support from NordForsk for the "Joint Nordic Use of WAB Bergen and VWA Helsinki" project (JNU VWAB). JNU VWAB offers infrastructural, logistical, technical, and scholarly support to its users. For more information on the resources offered at WWA and WAB, visit the "Description of resources and support available to JNU VWAB users" site.

Proposals should be in the following areas: (1) Digital humanities: digitization, digital scholarly editing, and text technology; (2) Wittgenstein research and philosophy; (3) Fields of intersection between (1) and (2). Proposals to the previous five calls have mainly fallen within area (2). JNU VWAB is therefore keen to encourage proposals pertaining to areas (1) and (3). Research projects within area (1) might e.g.:
  • identify, select, analyse, and prioritize particular documents, document segments, or document types in the collections that are relevant and suitable for transmission (viz. digitization, editing, machine-readable text production, text encoding, metadata production, and/or electronic publishing)
  • produce proposals, cost analyses and time plans for transmitting parts of the collections
  • implement and/or assess particular hardware or software for transmitting parts of the collections
  • study transmission projects already performed (e.g. the Bergen Electronic Edition), the relation between their digitized objects and the original source documents, and reassess their chosen as well as alternate technologies and practices (e.g. manuscript scanning or XML markup)
  • study concepts of text, work and authorship with regard to social text theory and/or media theory, as observable in the collections
  • address issues of reusability of the digitally transmitted material from a research perspective
Proposals for projects to be carried out at WWA, user group projects and proposals pertaining to areas (1) and (3), are particularly encouraged. Applications in response to this call can propose projects to be carried out in the period 1.10.2010-31.12.2011.

Selection of projects to be carried out under JNU VWAB follows call and evaluation procedures. For a list of JNU VWAB research stays already selected and funded, visit the WAB Guests and visitors site or the WWA site, respectively.

Who is eligible

This call is open for researchers or research groups either living in a Nordic or Baltic country or affiliated with a Nordic or Baltic university or other research institution. Researchers and user group members of any citizenship are eligible for benefitting from support under JNU VWAB, as long as they are based in a Nordic country/affiliated to a research institution in the Nordic countries. In this context "Nordic" refers to the Nordic and Baltic countries and North-West Russia (Denmark DK, Estonia EE, Finland FIN, Iceland IS, Latvia LV, Lithuania LT, Norway NO, Russia RU, Sweden SE). To count as a research group, the members of the group should participate in the same research project, but need not necessarily come from the same country or institution.

Applicants from Finland based in Helsinki are not eligible for proposals to conduct research research at WWA. Applicants from Norway based in Bergen are not eligible for proposals to conduct research at WAB.

What we expect

Each JNU VWAB user is expected to submit a report and to fill in a user questionnaire within one month after the completion of the project. It is also expected that when results of the research are published, JNU VWAB and NordForsk are duly acknowledged in the publications.

How to apply

The deadline for reception of project proposals in response to this call is 7.6.2010. Applicants are informed of the results of the evaluation procedure at latest within 4 weeks after the deadline.

Click here to download the application form to your computer. Fill in the application form (in English), add a project description (max. 5 pages, in English), and an academic CV (in English), including a list of publications and presentations. When specifying countries in the application form, write the name of the country and identify the country with the country codes given above. If the proposed project is a user group project, both the user group leader and the single prospective users fill in and send the application form. Send the entire application with e-mail to (Subject: "JNU VWAB"; Cc:, In addition, print the application, sign it, and send it with ordinary mail to:

Ms. Eldbjørg Gunnarson
"JNU VWAB-application"
Allegt. 27
N-5007 Bergen

For further information

For questions, write to or call (tel. +47-55-589474) or (tel. +47-55-582970) for use of WAB, and (tel. +358-9-19129226) or for use of WWA.