Joint Nordic Use of WAB Bergen and WWA Helsinki (JNU VWAB) (2008-2011)

Description of resources and support available to JNU VWAB users

Resources and support available to JNU VWAB users at WWA

WWA consists of two separate collections, both of which are of international significance for diverse fields in the humanities, including especially philosophy and editorial studies. One collection (WWA1) is the so called Bibliotheca Wrightiana, which includes parts of prof. von Wright’s scientific library and a large collection of letters to and from von Wright. The Bibliotheca Wrightiana is located at the University Library in Helsinki. It has been fully catalogued and is described in Risto Vilkko, Bibliotheca Wrightiana (Helsingin yliopiston kirjaston julkaisuja, Helsingfors universitetsbiblioteks skrifter, Publications of the Helsinki University Library 77). The other collection (WWA2) is the Wittgenstein archives kept and organised by prof. von Wright. WWA2 is located at the Department of philosophy at the University of Helsinki, in the office of the late prof. von Wright. It remained virtually untouched and provides a work space with IT facilities for visiting researchers. WWA2 includes, inter alia,
  • von Wright's own complete collection of copies of the Wittgenstein Nachlass; of special value are, for instance, the hard cover bound volumes of colour photographs of Wittgenstein's "Bände" and the transcriptions of Wittgenstein’s secret code passages;
  • material on preparatory work for editing the Helsinki Ausgabe of Philosophische Untersuchungen;
  • the complete copy of the so-called Helsinki Ausgabe of Philosophische Untersuchungen;
  • the Bergen Electronic Edition;
  • a collection of Wittgenstein primary works editions in a number of languages of the world;
  • those parts of von Wright’s scientific library not kept in Bibliotheca Wrightiana;
  • diverse uncatalogued items;
  • an uncatalogued collection of primary material about Wittgenstein’s life and writings, including among other items a collection of photos, and, apparently, material about Wittgenstein’s visit to the Soviet Union in the 1930s.

  • Resources and support available to JNU VWAB users at WAB

  • Facsimile: A complete collection of paper, microfilm and electronic facsimile copies of the Wittgenstein Nachlass. WAB holds both the Bergen Electronic Edition (BEE) facsimile and electronic facsimile from higher quality Photo CDs.
  • Edited texts: A complete machine-readable version of the 20.000 pages of the Wittgenstein Nachlass, BEE and an electronic version of the Wittgenstein book publications.
  • Secondary literature: A hand library with primary and secondary Wittgenstein literature, including research theses produced by researchers at WAB, and a selection of important secondary literature in electronic form.
  • Scholarly network: A local academic network with Wittgenstein, philosophy, text encoding, multimedia and IT researchers, composed from WAB, AKSIS, the Philosophy Department and other departments at Unifob and the University of Bergen, and an international network, consisting of earlier visitors and cooperation partners.
  • Text encoding tools: WAB has from its inception emphasized the need to prepare the transcriptions for the machine-readable version in a format which is neither system nor application dependent. In addition to offering the transcriptions in WAB’s 1990-99 markup system (MECS/MECS-WIT), WAB is able to offer a continuously growing part of the machine-readable version in a TEI guided XML version and the tools associated with it.
  • Logistic support will be offered by AKSIS staff. Users will be offered a desk, a personal work station and IT- and communication infrastructure. They will be assisted with finding housing at University apartments or hotels close to WAB.
  • Scientific and technical support: Users are invited to join in seminars, workshops and other relevant academic events at WAB, AKSIS, the Department of Philosophy, and other relevant departments at Unifob and the University of Bergen.
  • Scientific and technical support will be provided by the Wittgenstein Research Group at the University of Bergen (WFG) and the Research Group for Text Technology at AKSIS (TTG), in both of which WAB is central.