The Vienna School for Truth Exploration

Wasfi A. Hijab


In the Preface to his Philosophical Investigations,
Wittgenstein referred to the grave mistakes of his Tractatus. This paper, in a fantasy dialogue format, pinpoints
three such mistakes in Section 1. His concept of the totality of facts exhibits a
Barber paradox. That concept also smudges the distinction between rules and moves in the ‘game’ of communication of
reports. The third mistake is the continual oscillation between a proposition as a
proposal that does not intend affirmation, and between the affirmed proposition. The
author then submits that, together, the Tractatus
Logico-Philosophicus and the Philosophical
Investigations are the crucial event in the history of philosophy: The former
shares in its sins, while the latter delivers its salvation.


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; teaching; student; dialogue; Barber's paradox; school; philosophy

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