True, but Inexpressible? Wittgenstein and ‘McDowellian Neo-Mooreanism’

Genia Schönbaumsfeld


Duncan Pritchard has recently promoted what he calls ‘McDowellian Neo-Mooreanism’, according to which the denials of sceptical hypotheses are true but inappropriate. I will advance some Wittgensteinian considerations casting doubt both on Pritchard’s reading of McDowell‘s antisceptical strategy as well as on the latter claim. Given that on McDowell’s disjunctive conception of perceptual experience global falsehood is not so much as a coherent possibility, the denials of sceptical hypotheses are either nonsensical or, at best, entirely trivial.


20th century philosophy; philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; epistemology; McDowellian Neo Mooreanism; Dowell Janice; Moore George Edward; Pritchard Duncan; radical scepticism; On Certainty

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