DAAD Wittgenstein and Mediaeval Philosophy (2008-2009)

The main objective of the project is to bring together expertises and competences of the Chair for History of Philosophy at the University of Regensburg (HPUR) and the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen (WAB). A cooperation between these two institutions will be established in order to explore the relation of Wittgenstein’s philosophy to mediaeval thought. The coordination of competences will take place through exchange visits at HPUR and WAB.

The project is funded by DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst / German Academic Exchange Service and the Forskningsrådet / Research Council of Norway as a German-Norwegian collaboration project.

Calendar of meetings:
  • 6.-28.6.2009 Bergen (N): Fourth meeting of project teams. Lu Jiang presents "Wittgenstein and Occam on the logical form of language" at the Philosophy Department in Bergen.
  • 10.-25.1.2009 Regensburg (D): Third meeting of project teams. Christian Erbacher co-organizes and participates in preparatory workshops on the comparison of Ockham's and Wittgenstein's conception of logic.
  • 13.-26.6.2008 Bergen (N): Second meeting of project teams. Stefan Schick presents "Why Wittgenstein and Frege should have conceived a speculative logic" at the Norwegian-French Wittgenstein seminar in Skjolden.
  • 10.-26.2.2008 Regensburg (D): First meeting of project teams. Christian Erbacher gives introductionary seminar "Introduction to selected topics of Ludwig Wittgenstein's philosophy". In addition, he visits Dr. Hans Kraml (University of Innsbruck) for discussion of the overall project theme.
For questions and comments write to Christian Erbacher.