Culture and Value Revisited (2006-2008)

The main objective of the project is to create a new electronic edition of the text known in German as Wittgenstein's Vermischte Bemerkungen and as Culture and Value in English which contains a full historical-biographical-cultural commentary along with links to the source manuscripts and Wittgenstein's correspondence, as well as a new critical translation of the German text into English.

The planned new edition will help to better understand the cultural dimension in Wittgenstein’s writings and the philosophical significance of his correspondence. At the same time, the edition will be a pilot project in linking WAB's Bergen Electronic Edition (BEE) of Wittgenstein’s philosophical papers to the Brenner Archives’ electronic edition of Wittgenstein’s Gesamtbriefwechsel/Complete Correspondence (ICE). It thus will add value to the achievements of each of these large-scale projects both from the scholarly point of view and as products on the market. Moreover, the project will intensify the co-operation between WAB and FIBA in philological matters bearing upon Wittgenstein by preparing the empirical basis for new investigations into cultural history as well as into Wittgenstein’s philosophy of culture. Finally, although the project's starting point and centre is the text of Culture and Value, it will supplement the research base for understanding Wittgenstein's philosophy of culture by extending its scope to other texts in the Wittgenstein Nachlass pertaining to Wittgenstein's philosophy of culture, and to all relevant texts in Wittgenstein's work as a whole, including his complete correspondence.

  • Full title: Wittgenstein's Culture and Value: An electronic critical edition
  • Proposal: 25.11.2005 (coordinator: Allan Janik, Brenner Archives Research Institute, Innsbruck (FIBA))
  • Approval date: 8.5.2006
  • Funding institution: Austrian Wissenschaftsfonds (FWF), Vienna
  • Budget: euro 113 837
  • Budget for WAB participation: euro 45000
  • Contract no.: P19022-G12
  • Type of project: R&D
  • Duration: 1.10.2006-30.9.2008
  • Coordinator: Allan Janik, Brenner Archives Research Institute, Innsbruck
  • Austrian participants: Brenner Archives Research Institute (Kerstin Mayr, Joseph Wang; participation coordinated by Allan Janik)
  • Norwegian participants: Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen (Alois Pichler, Kjell S. Johannessen, Vemund Olstad; participation coordinated by Alois Pichler)
  • Related site: Ludwig Wittgenstein: Vermischte Bemerkungen neu