Nordic network for Wittgenstein research (NNW) (2006-2008)

In 2005, WAB and the Bergen Wittgenstein Research Group participated with coordinator Simo Säätelä from the University of Bergen Philosophy Department in a NordForsk proposal to establish a Nordic network for Wittgenstein research. After positive evaluation of the proposal the network was established in Spring 2006. The network is supported by NordForsk with NOK 853.000.

The aim of the network is to create a research environment for Nordic research groups and individuals interested in Wittgenstein’s philosophy and approaches to different problems and areas in philosophy inspired by his thought. The aim is especially to strengthen and co-ordinate the research possibilities and research education of doctoral students and young scholars. Planned activities are
  • graduate courses
  • workshops
  • conferences
  • initiation of research projects
These activities also result in
  • increased student mobility within the Nordic area
  • provision of additional supervision and exchange of ideas for PhD-students by establishing contacts with senior researchers
  • facilitated Nordic and international contacts among researchers
  • increased visibility of Nordic scholars
The target of the network is first and foremost to strengthen the Nordic co-operation within the field and to establish a research community which provides the critical mass needed to be of international significance and interest. A further goal is to launch a Nordic Wittgenstein Society, which will be a permanent addition to the research community. Together with the establishment of inter-Nordic workgroups with more narrow thematic definitions, it will help to ensure that the co-operation established by the network extends beyond the period of this application. As of today, the following Nordic research groups participate in the action: The network is coordinated by the following committee: Simo Säätelä (chair), Gisela Bengtsson, Anne-Marie S. Christensen, Lars Hertzberg, Oskari Kuusela, Alois Pichler, Sören Stenlund, Richard Sørli, Cato Wittusen

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