Organisation and Staff

The Wittgenstein Archives was a research project at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Bergen. The Archives shared physical premises with Norsk Termbank (Norwegian Term Bank, 1990-1992), Humanistisk Datasenter (Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities, 1992-1998) and the HIT senter (The HIT Centre.The Humanities Information Technologies Research Programme at the University of Bergen, 1998-1999).

The work at the Archives was made possible through an understanding with the Trustees of the copyright in the Wittgenstein Papers, who had granted the University of Bergen the exclusive rights to publish the Nachlaß in electronic form.

The Wittgenstein Archives had its own budget and board. Full members of the board were:

Deputy members of the board included:

There were held 27 board meetings in the period 1990-1999.

The following people have been members of staff at the Wittgenstein Archives 1990-1999:

The Wittgenstein Archives, Allégt. 27, N-5007 Bergen, Norge
+47 55 58 94 74
+47 55 58 94 70

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