Wittgenstein’s Missing Map

Wasfi A. Hijab


Introducing Cambridge, you either walk around its streets for a few days, or give the
newcomer a map, point to a spot on it, and say, "You are now here." This is how
Wittgenstein used to lament missing a map that would shortcut and replace his slow
and laborious technique. After defining metaphysics ostensively, and delineating
Wittgenstein's bumpy road to truth, I present my attempt to develop such a map. It
consists in a group of litmus tests for spotting and evading metaphysical muddles.
The future of philosophy is then discussed in the light of Wittgenstein's concept of
the new role of the philosopher as a street sweeper of conceptual muddles that hinder
traffic in the thoroughfares of human thought.


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; map; metaphysics; therapy; truth; discovery; philosophy

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