Wittgenstein and Spengler

Kevin M. Cahill


In the midst of reflections on the Jewish mind recorded in 1931, we find Wittgenstein
making the following comment on his own thought: "I don't believe I have ever
invented a line of thinking, I have always taken one over from someone else. I have
simply straightaway seized on it with enthusiasm for my work of clarification. That
is how Boltzmann, Hertz, Schopenhauer, Frege, Russell, Kraus, Loos, Weininger,
Spengler, Sraffa have influenced me." (Wittgenstein, 1980, p. 19)


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; influence; explanation; injustice; hypothesis; family resemblance; gestalt; method; object of comparison

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