Connections and Divisions in On Certainty

Kim van Gennip


From the 20.000 pages that constitute Wittgenstein’s Nachlass
approximately one fourth has appeared in print. Many of these publications have
involved far-reaching editorial decisions that are barely accounted for. A critical
comparison of the publication On Certainty to its sources
reveals that On Certainty is not a “work” of Wittgenstein but
an arbitrary compilation of material from the Nachlass. In
addition, a critical evaluation of editorial claims as mentioned in Last Writings on the Philosophy of Psychology, Vol. II: The “Inner” and the
“Outer” 1949-1951 shows that Wittgenstein’s concern with epistemology is not
limited to On Certainty. Both points illustrate the
shortcomings of making sharp distinctions in the Nachlass.


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; work; Nachlass; I know

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