Investigating Wittgenstein’s Notes on Logic of 1913 and 1914

Nuno Venturinha


In this paper I will try to outline the origin of Wittgenstein’s so-called “Notes on
Logic” of 1913 as well as his “Notes [on Logic], dictated to G.E. Moore in Norway” in
1914. Whereas the latter correspond only to a single item in von Wright’s catalogue
of Wittgenstein’s Nachlass, MS 301, the former exist in four different versions: TSS 201a-1 and 2, both generally
known as the Russell version, TS 201a-3, the Shwayder version, and TS 201b, the
Costello version. Upon reading some letters to Russell from the years 1914-1919 we
find that Wittgenstein regarded in extremely high terms the notes taken by Moore, but
no mention is made to the ones prepared by Russell. Thus, the paper provides an
account of Wittgenstein’s literary activity in that period, considering also the
troubled history of TS 201, with the aim of establishing the background for a
re-evaluation of MS 301.


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; Nachlass; saying vs showing; tautology

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