Ethical Tasks of Media Advocacy in the 21st Century

Giridhari Lal Pandit


Citing UNESCO´s recent finding regarding children, the discussion focuses on the
forms of exclusion affecting civil society worldwide and the future generations. With
its enormous economic and scientific progress, today´s knowledge society excludes
moral progress in absence of guiding principles for social change, empowerment, human
development, policy planning and prioritizing investment. Sounding very alarming, as
this does, it should wake us up to the darkest areas of human condition which must be
interrogated by asking: What are its most challenging frontiers? How strategically
and innovatively can ethics and the media address the issues of public policy
framework for investment in development and education and for empowerment and social
change? In this very context, I argue for media advocacy as a philosophy of


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; ritual; political economy; human rights; humanity; media advocacy; development goal; state; knowledge society; progress; exclusion

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