Culture and Value Revisited – Draft of a new electronic edition

Joseph Wang


Since the publication of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Vermischte Bemerkungen (VB) in the
year of 1977 by Georg Henrik von Wright, VB has always been a source for both
inspiration and confusion. On the one hand, some of the remarks illuminate W’s
philosophy, but most of them are quite ambiguous and cannot be understood easily. To
compensate this difficulty the Forschungsinstitut Brenner Archiv in Innsbruck (FIBA)
and the Wittgenstein Archive in Bergen (WAB) now work together on a new electronic
editing project of VB. In this paper aims and archievements of the Project “Culture
and Value revisited” should be explained.


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; edition; digital humanities; Nachlass; commentary

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