The Mind-Body-Problem and Score-Keeping in Language Games

Georg Gasser


Can we solve the mind-body-problem? Many scholars are rather sceptical: Neither of
the various accounts given so far seem generally acceptable to the scientific
community. The impression is conveyed that we permanently seem to end up into a kind
of argumentative impasse. By referring to Lewis’ concept ‘score-keeping in language
games’ I will sketch a series of cognitive steps we undergo when approaching the
mind-body-problem. Thereby it should become clear why purported solutions appear
rather unsatisfying. The paper concludes not with a solution to the mind-body-problem
but with an explanation why remedy for it is hard to find.


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; mind vs body; dualism; context relative concept; mental vs physical concept; conceptual framework of common sense reasoning

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