The World as States of Affairs in Wittgenstein and Armstrong

Alexandr Sobancev


In this article it is investigating the question of a structure of the world that
requires more attention to be given. A model of the Tractatus is a logical
structuring of the world that is considered as a conjunction of states of
affairs. This attitude leads to ordering things into clusters that function as a
system. According to Wittgenstein a description of the world in language is
possible. The relations between states of affairs are problematized. The theory
was presented in further doctrines, in Armstrong’s factualism for instance. The
later is related to ontological construction of the world. A question of
investigating of the world consists in inquiring of states of affairs as
truthmakers and relations between facts. It is considered a double-sided model
of the world based on two standpoints in question.


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; ontological atomism

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