Perception and Depiction in the Light of Embodiment

Zsuzsanna Kondor


We can approach different depictive systems (i.e., pictorial and linguistic) from
the perspective of cognitive capabili-ties. The difficulty, which arises from
the logically encoded incapability of expressing the relation between the
depic-tive system and the depicted world within the given depic-tive framework,
can be eliminated only by stepping beyond the depictive system and taking into
account its cognitive background. Within this cognitive background, the notion
of embodiment provides the leitmotif. That is, I suggest a relation between
pictorial/ linguistic capabilities and the world they depict on the basis of
bodily experiences and evolving cognitive capabilities. Within this framework,
it becomes possible to highlight how a picture can display its pictorial form
(TLP 2.172), and how propositions mirror their
logical form (TLP 4.121). In this paper I will focus on


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; embodiment; image schema; enactive approach; visual concept; representational concept; sortal

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