Are There ‘Tensed’ Facts (A-Series)?

Edmund Runggaldier


In every day life we presuppose that indexical thoughts trigger the action: the agent has to believe that he himself is in the right space-time position in order to act hic et nunc. Under the reasons for actions we thus subsume not only intentions, information and knowledge, but indexical beliefs as well. For accepting tensed indexical beliefs as reasons for actions we need an ontology with continuants/endurers. A mere four-dimensional event-ontology without tensed facts might be a good ontological framework for scientific, impersonal explanations, but for the personal explanations of actions based on indexical thoughts it will not suffice. I thuse plead for tensed facts (A-series), but not for spatial indexical facts: there are disanalogies between spatial and temporal indexicals.


20th century philosophy; philosophy; philosophy of time; Wittgenstein Ludwig; endurantism; fact; indexical; now; tense

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