Inner/intercultural Dialog and Long-Range Ethics

Krzysztof Abriszewski


Due to modernization our civilization has become global, highly diverse, and rapidly changing. As a result of diversity and globalization, the intercultural relations have become also innercultural. Thus intercultural dialog is just a dialog between various parts of the diverse world, which are separated by some kind of gaps. According to a certain interpretation of works of Richard Rorty, Jean-Francois Lyotard, and Józef Niżnik, the very function of philosophy consists in stimulating inner/intercultural dialog. In my text I point out some of the cultural areas that mostly need starting and keeping up the dialog. I use some general oppositions for that purpose: fast – slow; writing – electricity; network – community; science – its surroundings.


20th century philosophy; linguistics; philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; dualism; language; language word relation; outer reality; realism; science; scientific text; text

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