Not ‘I say that p’, but ‘“p” says that p’. Wittgenstein and Hegel on the identity of ‘the Notion’ and ‘the I’

Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer


I could use other titles for the following considerations as well. Here are some, all as obscure as the one I have finally chosen: “Wittgen¬stein, Hegel, and Fichte on the relation between ‘the Notion’ and ‘the I’”; “What does He-gel mean when he says that the Notion, if developed into reality, is nothing but self-con¬scious¬ness?”; and: “What does Fichte’s formula I = I try to convey?” But these possible titles are all too long. The fifth is the shortest. But it sounds fairly ridiculous: “The Notion and I”.


20th century philosophy; Hegel Georg Wilhelm Friedrich; Tractatus logico-philosophicus; Wittgenstein Ludwig; generic we; phenomenology; philosophy; philosophy of language; self

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