J. R. Jones: ‘How Do I Know Who I Am?’ The Passage from Objects to Grammar

Walford Gealy


J. R. Jones, at the age of forty, became Professor of Philosophy at Swansea in 1952. At the age of eighteen he had enrolled as a student at the University College of Wales Aberystwyth (as it was then known) and three years later he graduated with a brilliant first-class honors degree in Philosophy. This was followed by an equally fine Master’s thesis in two years. The next three years Jones spent at Oxford reading for his D.Phil. and from there he returned to Aberystwyth as a junior lecturer. From Aberystwyth he was appointed to the chair in Swansea. Eighteen years later, he died at the age of fifty-eight.


20th century philosophy; Ithamar Aaron Richard; Robert Jones John; Swansea school; Tractatus logico-philosophicus; Wittgenstein Ludwig; consciousness; depth grammar; identity; mind; philosophy; pure consciousness; self; self consciousness; solipsism

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