Essay 3: While Reading Wittgenstein PI §§ 1-19 (1): A Cautionary Tale

Harald Johannessen


This is an attempt at a fairly close reading of some central concepts that crop up in the first paragraphs of PI. I read that beginning in ways that resist common ways of understanding what Wittgenstein was up to. In the Postscript I try to find flaws in a modern classic, deeply admired.


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; animal language; anthropological; biological; complete language; existence of meaningful languages; Fido-Fido; form of life; Frege Gottlob; grammar; Hegel GWF; Herder JG; imagining; language development; language fragment; language game; language learning; Lewis David; linguistic behaviour; Meløe Jakob; name; primitive language; reduction of expressiveness; Ryle Gilbert; sentential structure; speech act; unity of language; use of words

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