A Void in Wittgenstein's Later Philosophy

Harald Johannessen


I am no scholar on Wittgenstein, nor on scholars on Wittgenstein. This needn't be said, as you are bound to discover yourself, but I thought it best to tell you, since, in a sense, I have come not to praise but to bury. The works I shall attend to are basically Tractatus and the Philosophical Investigations (PI). Without perhaps being able to give a decisive argument, let me say that I go with those who hold there are deep-running agreements and similarities between the early and the later works of Wittgenstein.


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; Darwin Charles; Diamond Cora; elementary sentence; existence of languages; form of life; grammar; invention of language; language game; law of nature; linguistic meaning; metaphilosophy; religious belief; naturalism; picture theory; projection; speech act; theory of meaning; topics in Philosophical Investigations; unity of Wittgenstein's thought; use of signs

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