A Survey of the Duplicate Pages in Wittgenstein's TS 210, TS 211 and TS 213

Peter Cripps


In his catalogue of the Nachlass, G.H. von Wright writes, "A few pages [of TS 211] are missing, but can be identified in 213. Photocopies of the missing pages have been inserted." In the course of transcription work at the Wittgenstein Archives, however, it became apparent that these replacements need detailed documentation. They have been taken from various versions of TS 213 and are not marked as copies, such that the unwary reader is likely to take them in good faith to be authentic. In addition to the pages shared with TS 211, TS 213 also contains two pages removed from TS 210. These have also been replaced in their source by Xerox copies. The aim of this survey has been a better documentation of the replaced pages in TS 210 and TS211.


philosophy; editorial philology; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; Cornell copy; Nachlass; Trinity College Library; carbon copy; catalogue; duplicate; microfilm; typescript; xerox copy

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