(2012) Quine's and Carnap's conceptions of explication

Martin Gustafsson


Lecture in Bergen 2012, Oct. 17. This paper clarifies Quine’s conception of explication and identifies its place in his overall view of the aims and methods of philosophy. It does so by way of comparing his conception with Carnap’s, Carnap being the philosopher from whom Quine got the notion of explication to begin with. In contravention of Quine’s own suggestion, and against the view of some commentators, it is argued that Quine’s and Carnap’s conceptions are importantly different, especially with regard to how explication can help us dissolve verbal philosophical confusions and disputes.


philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; 20th century philosophy; clarification; Quine Willard van Orman; explication; Carnap Rudolf; metaphilosophy; verbal dispute

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