Wittgensteinforskergruppe ved Universitetet i Bergen (WFG): Wittgensteinkonferanse i Skjolden i juni 2005

Wittgenstein, Philosophy & Language

Org. Cato Wittusen and Richard Sørli

June 1-4, 2005
Skjolden hotell, Skjolden (Sogn)

Wednesday, June 1, BERGEN (Sydneshaugen skole, Auditorium B)
13.00: Ingress by VIGDIS SONGE-MØLLER, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Bergen
13.15-14.25: Prologue by VIGGO ROSSVÆR (University of Tromsø): "What Did She Say?": Listen to lecture (QuickTime .mov format).

16.30: Departure from Bergen by boat

Thursday, June 2, SKJOLDEN
09.15-10.25: MARTIN GUSTAFSSON (University of Uppsala): "Explication and the Dissolution of Philosophical Problems": Listen to lecture (QuickTime .mov format).
10.30-11.40: ALICE CRARY (The New School, New York): "Wittgenstein and Ethics": Listen to lecture (QuickTime .mov format).
11.45-12.55: GISELA BENGTSSON (University of Oslo): "Trivialities and What is Trivial": Listen to lecture (QuickTime .mov format).
12.55-14.00: Lunch
14.00-15.10: SÖREN STENLUND (University of Uppsala): "Some Thoughts on Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Mathematics": Listen to lecture (QuickTime .mov format).
15.15-16.25: KEVIN CAHILL (University of Trondheim): "The Concept of Progress in Wittgenstein’s Thought": Listen to lecture (QuickTime .mov format).
16.25-18.00: Coffee break
18.00-19.10: JAMES CONANT (University of Chicago): "The Hidden Metaphysics of the Tractatus" / "The Alleged Heresy of Mono-Wittgensteinianism": Listen to lecture (QuickTime .mov format).

Friday, June 3, SKJOLDEN
09.00-10.10: LISA VAN ALSTYNE (University of Pittsburgh): "Legal Positivism and the Autonomy of Law"
10.15-11.25: ANNE-MARIE CHRISTENSEN (University of Århus): "The Demand for Transcendence and the Need for the Other in Wittgenstein’s Later Ethics": Listen to lecture (QuickTime .mov format).
12.00-16.00: Lunch/Excursion to Skjolden
11.30-12.25: DENIS MCMANUS (Southampton University): "Ethics and the Will": Listen to lecture (QuickTime .mov format).
12.00-16.00: Lunch/Excursion to Skjolden
16.30-17.40: OSKARI KUUSELA (University of Helsinki): "Wittgenstein and the Concept of Essence": Listen to lecture (QuickTime .mov format).
17.45-18.55: JOHN MCDOWELL (University of Pittsburgh): "Can We Conceive Meaning, Understanding, etc. as States of Mind?": Listen to lecture (QuickTime .mov format).
19.30-20.00: Presentation of new book Wittgenstein: The Philosopher and his Works (Working Papers from the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen no 17). Under the conference, it will be possible to buy the book at reduced price.

Saturday, June 4
10.30: Return to Bergen by buss

Deadline for registration: April 15, 2005 (NB! Limited number of participants). For further information/registration please contact: Cato.Wittusen@fil.uib.no or Richard.Sorli@fil.uib.no or visit our website: http://wab.aksis.uib.no/wfg/konf-nord05.htm

The conference is supported by the Faculty of Arts at the University of Bergen and The American Embassy, Norway.

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