Semantic faceted search and browsing of the Wittgenstein Nachlass (2012-)

In cooperation with the University of Bergen Library Section for Digital Services (Hemed Al Ruwehy and Øyvind Liland Gjesdal)

With the site linked from below, WAB offers semantic faceted search and browsing of metadata from its records of the Wittgenstein Nachlass and other Wittgenstein resources, as well as metadata contributed by partners. A precursor of this site was built in cooperation with the University of Ancona (Christian Morbidoni, Semedia project) within the framework of the DM2E project. The site bases on WAB's ongoing work towards a comprehensive ontology for the Wittgenstein domain. For the overall conception of the ontology WAB has received support from Christian Morbidoni and the European projects Discovery, Agora and DM2E as well as James M. Fielding (Univ. of Paris I) and Amélie Zöllner-Weber (author of "Figurenontologie"). Authors at WAB include Alois Pichler, Christian Erbacher, Rune Jensen Falch, Heinz Wilhelm Krüger and Deirdre Smith. For entering the metadata, WAB has received substantial help from Emilia Ciesnik, Agnieszka Dura and Anna Sobko (all three trainees in the University of Torun POWER program).

Provenance of metadata
  • Metadata for Nachlass ("Bemerkung"):
    • Bemerkung identifier, Refers to person a.o.: WAB 1990-
    • Date: WAB 1990- under consultancy of editorial notes in editions of Wittgenstein's "works" and publications by G.H. von Wright, L. Bazzocchi, S. Edwards-McKie, A. Gibson, St. Hilmy, P. Keicher, J. Klagge, H.W. Krueger, B. McGuinness, R. Monk, M. Nedo, A. Pichler, M. Pilch, R. Rhees, B. Rogers, M. Rosso, J. Rothhaupt, A. Schmidt, J. Schulte, J. Smith, D. Stern, N. Venturinha, P.K. Westergaard, K. van Gennip
    • Published in: Alois Pichler's catalogue in Michael A.R. Biggs and Alois Pichler (1993): Wittgenstein: Two Source Catalogues and a Bibliography. Catalogues of the Published Texts and of the Published Diagrams, each Related to its Sources
    • Refers to work: WAB 1990-; Hans Biesenbach with contributions by Joachim Schulte, Wolfgang Kienzler (Wittgenstein's references to Frege), Josef Rothhaupt, and others
    • Has variant: WAB 1990- under consultancy of work by H. Biesenbach, H.W. Krüger, A. Maury, B. McGuinness, H. Nyman, A. Pichler, J. Schulte, G.H. von Wright
    • Discusses (currently disabled): Mark Addis (Univ. of Aarhus and Birmingham City University), Steen Brock (Univ. of Aarhus), James Klagge (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), Alois Pichler
  • Metadata for Correspondence: Innsbruck Gesamtbriefwechsel edition (2011), eds. Brenner Archives at the University of Innsbruck; kindly provided by Joseph Wang
  • Metadata for Lecture notes: Lecture notes by G.E. Moore 1930-33 (2016, eds. D.G. Stern, B. Rogers, G. Citron); Lecture notes by Y. Smythies 1938-41 (2017, eds. V. Munz, B. Ritter), Lecture notes by K.J. Shah 1946-47 (1988, ed. P.T. Geach), Lecture notes by R. Rhees 1936, in: The Language of Sense Data and Private Experience (1984, ed. R. Rhees; 1993, ed. J. Klagge)
  • Metadata for Recollections: Malcolm, N.: Ludwig Wittgenstein: A Memoir (1958); Redpath, Th.: Wittgenstein: A Student's Memoir (1990); Bouwsma, O.K.: Wittgenstein: Conversations 1949–1951 (1986); Rhees, R.: Postscript (1981, ed. R. Rhees); Wittgenstein, H.: My Brother Ludwig (1981, ed. R. Rhees); Drury, M. O'E.: Some Notes on Conversations with Wittgenstein (1981, ed. R. Rhees); Drury, M. O'E.: Conversations with Wittgenstein (1981, ed. R. Rhees); Leavis, F.R.: Memories of Wittgenstein (1981, ed. R. Rhees); Pascal, F.: Wittgenstein: A Personal Memoir (1981, ed. R. Rhees); King, J.: Recollections of Wittgenstein (1981, ed. R. Rhees); Rhees, R.: Some Developments in Wittgenstein’s View of Ethics (1965); Wright, G:H.: The strongest impression any man ever made on me (1989, eds. P.A. Schilpp, L.E. Hahn); Ambrose, A.: Wittgenstein on Universals (1966); Waismann, F.: Notes on Talks with Wittgenstein (1965); MacIver, A.: Diary (2016, ed. B. McGuinness)
  • Metadata for Sraffa diary entries: Moira De Iaco (University of Salento), on the basis of the digital copies of Sraffa's diaries released by Trinity College Library, Cambridge, on the SRAFFA site

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