How could he try to try to whistle it?

Eric Lemaire


The aim of this paper is to introduce to a problem for the comprehension of the Tractatus. I will briefly present three facts. Then, from these
facts, I will formulate the problem; and finally, we will briefly expose three ways
of dealing with the problem. I will begin to explicit the way I want to follow to
solve the problem. The three facts are the followings: 1) The Tractatus is an attempt to construct and apply a method of analysis of
ordinary language in order to draw the limit between sensical and nonsensical
propositions and to pass over silence what is nonsensical: the central point of this
project is the distinction between showing and saying. 2) The analysis of ordinary
language does not work and cannot work. 3) Even though the analysis of ordinary
language is impossible, Wittgenstein applies the concept of nonsense to different
areas such as mathematics, ethic, aesthetic, natural sciences, religion, and


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; common sense; metaphysics; particular; universal; object

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