Language and World in Wittgenstein: the True Social Bonding

Ratikanta Panda


Language and world stand in mutual relation in Wittgenstein. Language was in fact the
medium through which Wittgenstein bonded the mind and the world. In this paper, I
would discuss the relationship between language and the world as has been envisaged
by Wittgenstein in his later thought. By his use theory of the meanings and notions
of language games, Wittgenstein embeds language in the world itself, and thus, and
brings out a more strong bond between the two. While in the Tractatus, this bonding
is purely formal and syntactical, in the Philosophical Investigations, it is more
social and semantic. This paper will discuss how this bonding is brought about
through the two notions of social nature of meanings and language games.


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; language; social reality; meaning; use; private language; rule-following; language game; form of life; linguistic activity

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