Imaging Meaning

Jean G. Horta


This paper is part of a larger project that attempts to explain meaning as a
complex network consisting in the relationship between different modes of
presentation. This may be clarified by the understanding of the multiplicity of
modes of imagination, and the uniqueness of each imaging which contains the
following three elements: the intention – the presence of the agent for which
this relationship may be meaningful; the infiniteness of the process – seen in
the fact that new texts are still being written despite the fact that they use
the same finite vocabulary, along with the continuous evolution of language and
thought; and finally, the relationships which are determinant of the particular
elements (including the agent of intention) – these define and are defined in
terms of the meaning they are made to evoke by those who understand them.


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; imagination; meaning; language; metaphysics; hierarchy of the senses; conceptual holism; acoustic model of meaning

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