Intention in Aesthetics

Alberto Arruda


I will try to give an account of the concept of intention as it is used in the field
of aesthetics. I will focus mainly on Wittgenstein’s Lectures on Aesthetics, trying
to explain some of the insights, I believe, he has provided on the use of this
fundamental concept. This implies, that we first take into account the various
differences in the use of the con-cept of justification, since intention is often
used in aesthet-ics as a form of justification. Secondly, we have to try to
understand how intention could possibly be of some help in trying to understand the
meaning of a certain aesthetical object or action. Thirdly, I will offer a way of
looking at intention in aesthetics, as a way of manifesting an attitude, trying to
claim that this is fundamental to this particular activity.


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; philosophy of art; exegesis; philosophy of language; philosophy of action; aesthetics

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