A Note on the History of F. A. von Hayek’s Unpublished ‘Sketch of a Biography of Ludwig Wittgenstein’

Christian Erbacher


The von Wright and Wittgenstein Archives in Helsinki (WWA) at the University of
Helsinki provide a large amount of copies, drafts and an extensive collection of
correspondence connected to Wittgenstein’s Nachlass. Among these documents is a
sketch of a biography of Wittgenstein written by Friedrich August von Hayek, Nobel
laureate and distant relative of Wittgenstein. The sketch covers 45 typewritten pages
and is accompanied by at least 40 additional items in the WWA related to its genesis
and eventual abandonment. The paper presents the short story of v Hayek’s
biographical sketch as it appears from this material.


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig

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