Simulation Theory With or Without Introspection: An Expressivist Compromise

John Michael


In this paper, I will defend Robert Gordon’s non-introspectionist version of the
simulation theory of social cognition against the criticism put forth by Alvin
Goldman, who argues that simulation theory must include an introspectionist
account of mental concepts. My strategy will be to isolate the compelling part
of Goldman’s challenge and then consider conceptual options for meeting it
without turning to full-blown introspectionism, i.e. by taking on a deflationary
account of introspection, based upon Wittgenstein’s expressivist conception of
self-ascription. But first I will briefly introduce and contextualize simulation


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; simulation theory; expressivism; introspection; theory of mind; mind reading; self-knowledge; metacognition

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