Wittgenstein, Marx, and Language Criticism. The Philosophies of Self-Conciousness

Norberto Abreu e Silva Neto


I must say this paper results from researches belonging to a larger project of study on Karl Marx’s philosophy I am carrying out, and that the bringing of Wittgenstein and Marx together here presented does not have the aim of trying to prove or to suggest Marx exerted upon Wittgenstein’s philosophy some kind of indirect or second hand influence. My idea is that since they developed their work in dialogue with the same philosophical traditions this fact would make it possible to find out ways of establishing continuity between their philosophies. So, in this work I will bring out some connections I am working on with the aim of trying to read Wittgenstein as a materialist philosopher.


20th century philosophy; Democritus; Epicur; Marx Karl; Wittgenstein Ludwig; language criticism; phenomenology; philosophy; possibility

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