İlham Dilman: The Reality of the Human

Chryssi Sidiropoulou


İlham Dilman joined the Philosophy Department at Swansea in 1961 and he remained an active member of it well after his retirement in 1997. As a student at Cambridge he had come in contact with Wittgenstein’s philoso-phy through the work of John Wisdom. Later in Swansea through constant discussions with Rush Rhees he deepened his understanding of Wittgen-stein. So Wittgenstein’s philosophy was a major although by no means ex-clusive source of influence upon Dilman’s thought. Naturally, then, one has to explore the nature of his intellectual debt to Wittgenstein in order to fully understand Dilman’s own philosophy.


20th century philosophy; Dilman Ilham; Phaedo; Plato; Socrates; Swansea school; Wittgenstein Ludwig; anthropology; human nature; language; philosophy; soul

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