Substantial Motion and Perpetual Creation

Ali Abidi Shahrudi


The discussion at hand involves the connected ideas of motion (harakat),origination (huduth), and perpetual creation (khalq jadid). These are subjects that hold a privileged place in the religious sciences and that have instigated human thinking to further inquiry from time immemorial.The present discussion is an investigation into the theory of “perpetual creation” as found in philosophy and mysticism. Hence, the substance of this work in its overall structure and particulars is not tantamount to astatement of the personal opinions of the author. What does indeed perta into this humble writer is: firstly, the methodology employed; secondly, the determination of the details and the points of convergence and divergence in the theory of perpetual creation from the two perspectives of philosophy and mysticism; thirdly, the exposition of some of the corollaries of the theory in question based on precepts that are in part and from a certain perspective to be attributed to this present author; and fourthly, some additional details and their consequences that can be called the “theory of the fifth dimension.”


20th century philosophy; ontology; philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; creation; Islamic philosophy; motion; mysticism; ontology

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