Untersuchungen zu Wittgensteins Nachlaß

Alois Pichler


This monograph consists of a general introduction to Wittgenstein's Nachlaß, describes its structures, and in the light of this, points to problems with which the Nachlaß confronts the research scholar. (Part 1). This is followed by specific research about aspects of the Nachlaß and Wittgenstein's method of working: the production of notebooks, fair copies, typescripts and typescript cuttings; the marking of text with revision signs; the use of indentation; the use of alternatives. Particular attention is paid here to the genesis of manuscripts and typescripts from 1929-1933. (Part 2). Appendices include empirical evidence for the theses put forward in Part 2 and a chronologically ordered synopsis of the Nachlaß which lists the date, the location of origin and where applicable the place of publication of all Nachlaß items. The monograph concludes with a bibliography of Wittgenstein's works. This is a revision of the bibliography published in the Working Papers no. 7, by Michael Biggs and Alois Pichler. German. 241 pages.


philosophy; editorial philology; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; Nachlass; alternative; chronology; collage; concordance; development; dictation; digitality; document; edition; editorial philology; form; indentation; revision; secret code; section mark; text; text genesis; variant; writing; Nachlass

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