Elements of an e-Platform for Wittgenstein Research

Rune J. Falch, Heinz Wilhelm Krüger, Deirdre Smith


With the AGORA project, the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen (WAB) continues its work of building an Open Access (OA) platform for digital Wittgenstein research and learning. This paper presents some of the elements WAB considers key in such a platform. They are partly in the making, partly already in place: 1) Primary sources (5000 pages of the Wittgenstein Nachlass, contributed within in the DISCOVERY project); 2) Metadata (a new and extended catalogue of the Wittgenstein papers, in the making through an ongoing international cooperative project); 3) Secondary sources (a selection from WAB’s Working Papers / Publications series and audio-visual materials as well as several hundred papers from ALWS’ Wittgenstein symposia, contributed within the ongoing AGORA project); 4) A Wittgenstein journal (the new Nordic Wittgenstein Review, established within the ongoing AGORA project in cooperation with the Nordic Wittgenstein Society); 5) Wittgenstein ontologies (for both textual sources and conceptual domains); 6) Software. These elements and resources are provided OA. In our presentation, we will show and discuss samples from each. We look forward to receiving feedback on their value as well as how we have conceived them.


philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; 20th century philosophy; Agora project; Discovery project; Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen; Open Access; digital humanities; Nordic Wittgenstein Review; Wittgenstein Source

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