Wittgenstein: The Philosopher and his Works

Alois Pichler, Simo Säätelä


Introduction, Simo Säätelä & Alois Pichler (excerpt). Wittgenstein and the relation between life and philosophy, Knut Erik Tranøy (abstract | excerpt). Trying to keep philosophy honest, Lars Hertzberg (abstract | excerpt). Remarks on Wittgenstein’s use of the terms “Sinn”, “sinnlos”, “unsinnig”, “wahr”, and “Gedanke” in the Tractatus, Georg Henrik von Wright (abstract | excerpt). Wittgenstein’s early philosophy of language and the idea of ‘the single great problem’, Marie McGinn (abstract | excerpt). Peter Winch on the Tractatus and the unity of Wittgenstein’s philosophy, Cora Diamond (abstract | excerpt). How many Wittgensteins?, David G. Stern (abstract | excerpt). Taking avowals seriously: The soul a public affair, Eike von Savigny (abstract | excerpt). Of knowledge and of knowing that someone is in pain, P.M.S. Hacker (abstract | excerpt). Wittgenstein and history, Hans-Johann Glock (abstract | excerpt). Impure reason vindicated, Allan Janik (abstract | excerpt). Wittgenstein’s philosophy of pictures, Kristóf Nyíri (abstract | excerpt). A case of early Wittgensteinian dialogism: Stances on the impossibility of “Red and green in the same place”, Antonia Soulez (abstract | excerpt). Wittgenstein: Philosophy and literature, Brian McGuinness (abstract | excerpt). A brief history of Wittgenstein editing, Anthony Kenny (abstract | excerpt). What is a work by Wittgenstein?, Joachim Schulte (abstract | excerpt). Evaluating the Bergen Electronic Edition, Herbert Hrachovec (abstract | excerpt). Wittgenstein in digital form: Perspectives for the future, Cameron McEwen (abstract | excerpt). Bibliography. Authors and abstracts. Index. English. 420 pages.

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