Wittgenstein MS115 in APE (2004)

«Wittgenstein MS115 in APE» is a first result from the international Tracing Wittgenstein: Digital Explorations project which uses Dieter Köhler's APE (Assistant for Philological Explorations) software. A demoversion, «APE MS115 Demo», which includes part of Wittgenstein MS115, can be downloaded and installed from this site.

The «Tracing Wittgenstein» project board consists of Herbert Hrachovec (coordination, University of Vienna), Dieter Köhler (software, University of Karlsruhe) and Alois Pichler (primary sources, WAB). The project explores the Nachlass of Ludwig Wittgenstein while using and developing new tools for net-based scholarly collaboration. The goals of the project are (i) to produce new paradigms, standards, tools and techniques for distributed digital environments and (ii) to explore and demonstrate the practical benefits thereof while commenting and analyzing manuscripts from Wittgenstein's Nachlass. The project is made possible through an agreement with the Wittgenstein Trustees, Oxford University Press and Trinity College Library which is gratefully acknowledged.

«APE MS115 Demo» includes the first 15 pages of Wittgenstein's manuscript 115 in three different versions: a diplomatic version split into individual pages, a diplomatic version split into individual paragraphs, and a normalized version also split into individual paragraphs. The primary texts are organized in a tree-structure and linked with a commentary provided by Herbert Hrachovec.

Download APE MS115 Demo.