Seminar with Mark Addis

Mark Addis (Faculty of Media, Performance and English, Birmingham City University) visits the Wittgenstein Archives in the period 1.-15.6.2009. In this context, a seminar is organized:

Methodology and Meaning in the Cognitive Science of Religion

Thursday, 11 June 2009, 13.00-14.30, Philosophy Department, Sydnesplassen 12/13, room 210:

This talk investigates philosophical questions about methodological approaches and meaning in the cognitive science of religion. The theoretical parameters for properly understanding the claims of the cognitive science of religion need to be examined so that the empirical value of these claims is fully articulated and unhelpful metaphysics shorn. An appropriate philosophical account of meaning and symbolization for the cognitive science of religion will be developed.

Mark Addis is Professor of Philosophy at Birmingham City University and a visiting professor at the Institute for Philosophy and the History of Ideas at Aarhus University.