COST Action A32 (2006-2010)

The main objective of the project is to cooperate on creating a virtual infrastructure which will enable a de-localized community of scholars in humanities to engage in collaborative research and to publish their results on the Web. Cooperation is organized in three Working Groups (WGs): WG 1: Communities, WG 2: Software, WG 3: Policy. Find out more on the COST Action A32 project site and the COST Office Action A32 site, where also the Working Plan for the implementation of the action («Memorandum of Understanding») is available.

  • Full title: COST Action A32 «Open Scholarly Communities on the Web»
  • Project site:
  • Proposal: 1.10.2004. Proposal participants: France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, Norway. Proposal coordinator: Paolo D'Iorio.
  • Approval date: 14.6.2005
  • Funding institution: COST office: European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research (Brussels). COST is one of the longest-running instruments supporting co-operation among scientists and researchers across Europe. It enables scientists to collaborate in a wide spectrum of activities in research and technology and is supported by the EU Framework Programme.
  • Type of project: Networking and coordination activities
  • Duration: 6.4.2006-16.12.2010
  • Chair: Hans Walter Gabler
  • (LMU, Munich)
  • Management Committee: Belgium: Dirk VAN HULLE; Bulgaria: Dr Svetlozar ZHEKOV, Prof. Zhivko IVANOV; Cyprus: Prof. Philippos POUYIOUTAS; Denmark: Dr Johnny KONDRUP; Estonia: Ms Pille RUNNEL; Finland: Mr Sakari KATAJAMAKI, Mr Kim BJORKLUND; France: Prof. Christophe FOUQUERE, Dr Paolo D'IORIO; Germany: Prof. Stefan GRADMANN; Ireland: Dr Jennifer EDMOND, Dr Sean RYDER, Prof. Susan SCHREIBMAN; Israel: Dr Eric ZIMMERMAN, Mr Bernardo (Dov) WINER; Italy: Mr Michele BARBERA, Dr Antonio LAMARRA, Prof. Matteo Vincenzo D'ALFONSO; Norway: Dr Alois PICHLER, Mr Sindre SORENSEN; Romania: Mr Claudiu KIFOR, Prof. Doina BANCIU; Serbia: Dr Bojan JOVIC; Sweden: Dr Petra SODERLUND, Prof. Mats DAHLSTROM; United Kingdom: Prof. Warwick GOULD; United States: Prof. Andrew M. STAUFFER
  • Norwegian participation: HyperWittgenstein; Wittgenstein Source; Textpraxis; software development. Coordination of Norwegian participation: Alois Pichler (WAB).
Meetings: COST A32 Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) visits to and from WAB: