Seminar with Christoffer Gefwert

Christoffer Gefwert (Department of Philosophy, Åbo Akademi University) visits the Wittgenstein Archives in the period 26.4.-23.5.2010. In this context, a seminar is organized:

Wittgenstein and Kanzi

Wednesday, 19 May 2010, 13.15-15.00, Wittgenstein Archives, AKSIS (since 2009 "Uni Digital"), Allégt. 27, meeting room, 1st floor.

In 1993 Sue Savage-Rumbaugh & al (including Kanzi) proved that bonobos exhibit cross-cultural communicative primal language. We have now a different concept of culture. In this talk I am concentrating on some details of Savage-Rumbaugh's proof. We do not learn our primary language, instead we acquire it. When we acquire language we become increasingly enculturated. I am then also talking a little bit about what Kanzi's cultural initiation into language means for philosophy and Wittgenstein research.