Seminar with Lu Jiang

Lu Jiang (University of Regensburg, Institut für Philosophie) visits the Wittgenstein Archives in the period 3.-28.6.2009. In this context, a seminar is organized:

Wittgenstein and Occam on the logical form of language

Monday, 8 June 2009, 11.15-13.00, Philosophy Department, HF Faculty, Sydnesplass 12-13, room 210:

The talk compares the role of normal language in Occam's and early Wittgenstein's conceptions of logic. By this juxtaposition concepts of the two thinker's are found that serve suprisingly analogous purposes. These include ideas about the logical clarification of sentences, the meaning of words, the relation of a proposition's sense and its truth value as well an operational notion of logical constants. The aim of the talk is to bring the two philosophers into a dialogue which illuminates the understanding of them rather than a systematic comparison.

Lu Jiang is researcher at the university of Regensburg (Germany). In her work at the institute of history of philosohpy she has focused mainly on William of Occam's modal semantics. She participates in the Norwegian-German cooperation "Wittgenstein and Mediaeval philosophy" which is founded by NFR and DAAD.