Seminar with Yrsa Neuman

Yrsa Neuman (Department of Philosophy, Åbo Akademi) visits the Wittgenstein Archives in the period 5.1.-15.2.2009. In this context, a seminar is organized:

"The Finnish Philosophy Portal"

Thursday, 22 January 2009, 13.15-14.30, Wittgenstein Archives, AKSIS (since 2009 "Uni Digital"), Allégt. 27, meeting room, 1st floor: is a national Finnish philosophy portal, opened in September 2007. Like Finland, it is bilingual by constitution (Finnish/Swedish). As opposed to Finland, it follows the principles of Open Access. It contains tools for teachers and students in philosophy (such as a philosophical dictionary in Swedish, links to fulltext philosophical classics etc.). It also is a notice board for current events of philosophical interest, and contains archives of historically interesting texts produced by Finnish philosophers (and more: the von Wright collection coming up this year!).

Who made it? Why? Who pays? I will present the portal both as a product and as a project. Questions welcome.

Yrsa Neuman is the editor-in-chief of the Swedish part of the portal (while simultaneously working on a PhD in philosophy at Åbo Akademi University).