Vol 1

(2006) Friedrich Stadler and Michael Stöltzner (Eds.): Time and History

Publications of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society – New Series Vol. 1 (2006). Friedrich Stadler and Michael Stöltzner (Eds.): Time and History. Heusenstamm: ontos verlag.Time and History presents the invited papers of the 28 Kirchberg/W. (Austria). Renowned scientists and scholars address the issue of time from a variety of disciplinary and cross-disciplinary perspectives in four sections: philosophy of time, time in the physical sciences, time in the social and cultural sciences, temporal logic, time in history/history of time, and Wittgenstein on time. Questions discussed include general relativity and cosmology, the physical basis of the arrow of time, the linguistics of temporal expressions, temporal logic, time in the social sciences, time in culture and the arts. Outside the natural sciences, time typically appears as history and in historiography in different forms, like a history of our conceptions of time. The first chapter of the book is dedicated to the major positions in contemporary philosophy of time. Is there a real sense of past, present, and future, or is time just a special coordinate among others? What does it mean that identity persists over time? The importance of Wittgenstein for present-day philosophy notwithstanding, his ideas about time have hitherto received only little attention. The final chapter, for the first time, provides an extensive discussion of his respective views.

Table of Contents


Preface PDF
Friedrich Stadler, Michael Stöltzner
Ordinary Thinking about Time PDF
John Campbell
How Real Are Future Events? PDF
John Perry
Memory and the A-Series PDF
Robin Le Poidevin
Zur Entwicklung des Zeitbegriffs: Aristoteles und der Zeitbegriff in der relativistischen Kosmologie PDF
Peter C. Aichelburg
“Close to the Speed of Light”: Dispersing Various Twin Paradox Related Confusions PDF
Miloš Arsenijević
Kulturelle Zeitgestalten PDF
Aleida Assmann
Zeit und Geschichte in frühen Kulturen PDF
Jan Assmann
Time and the Deep Structure of Dynamics PDF
Julian Barbour
Against Pointillisme about Geometry PDF
Jeremy Butterfield
In the Beginning, At the End, and All in Between: Cosmological Aspects of Time PDF
John Earman
Is Time an Abstract Entity? PDF
Jan Faye
Time and Reality of Phenomenal Becoming PDF
Sergio Galvan
Wittgenstein’s Times (And Ours) PDF
Jaakko Hintikka
A Deontic Logic with Temporal Qualification PDF
Eduard F. Karavaev
Das „Jetzt“ bei Wittgenstein – Über Gegenwart und Wandel PDF
Gabriele M. Mras
On the Problem of Defining the Present in Special Relativity: A Challenge for Tense Logic PDF
Thomas Müller
‚Zukunft‘ als Schlüsselkategorie der Geschichtsphilosophie PDF
Herta Nagl
Time and Communication PDF
Kristóf Nyíri
A Mini-Guide to Logic in Action PDF
Johan van Benthem
Die Theorie der somatisch-neuronalen Entstehung von Werten, die a-chronologische Gedächtniszeit und die Verschränkung von Zeit und Bewerten PDF
Werner Leinfellner
Wishing It Were Now Some Other Time PDF
L. Nathan Oaklander
Zeit, Performanz und die ontosemantische Struktur des Kunstwerks PDF
Constanze Peres
Time’s Arrow, Time’s Fly-Bottle PDF
Huw Price
Are There ‘Tensed’ Facts (A-Series)? PDF
Edmund Runggaldier
Zeit im Gödelschen Universum PDF
Heinz Rupertsberger
Time and Self PDF
Katia Saporiti
Perspektiven der Subjektivität: Das Verhältnis von Systemzeit und Eigenzeit in den perfektischen Tempusformen PDF
Richard Schrodt
Wittgenstein on Time (1929–1933) PDF
Joachim Schulte
Time, Music and Grammar. When Understanding and Performing What is Understood are Two Facets of the Same Action PDF
Antonia Soulez
Can We Understand the Cosmic Evolution? PDF
Walter Thirring
Three Concepts of Irreversibility and Three Versions of the Second Law PDF
Jos Uffink
Wittgenstein und Sraffa. Zeitproduktion durch Zeit PDF
Peter Weibel
Are the Laws of Nature Time Reversal Symmetric? The Arrow of Time, or Better: The Arrow of Directional Processes PDF
Paul Weingartner
Verantwortung und Geschichte PDF
Hans Jürgen Wendel
Drei Pioniere der philosophisch-linguistischen Analyse von Zeit und Tempus: Mauthner, Jespersen, Reichenbach PDF
Elisabeth Leinfellner