The 4th Dimension – Wittgenstein on Colour and Imagination

Tine Wilde


In this paper we first discuss the colour-octahedron and the position of this model
as an idealized system with respect to the remarks on colour-concepts in Remarks on Colour (RC). The next part examines the notion of
‘seeing aspects’ in the light of the colour-octahedron and RC. From there a
connection is made with On Certainty (OC). By linking the
remarks on colour, seeing aspects and certainty, it may become clear that the
investigations of Wittgenstein concerning colour and certainty direct us towards a
reflective dynamics and an anthropological interpretation of his ideas.


philosophy; 20th century philosophy; Wittgenstein Ludwig; colour; imagination; aspect seeing; perspicuous presentation; colour octahedron; certainty; form of life

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