"Publications from the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen" (ISSN-0803-3137)

    Editor: Alois Pichler (since 2000)
    Advisory Board: Daniel Apollon, Kevin Cahill, Claus Huitfeldt, K.S. Johannessen, H.W. Krüger, Simo Säätelä, D.C.P. Smith (since 2006)
    Reviews: No. 20: Edmund Dain: Norsk filosofisk tidsskrift 3-4, pp. 316-321 (2009). No. 19: Derek A. McDougall in: BWS Wittgenstein Bibliography (2008). No. 17: Gunnar Svensson in: SATS - Nordic Journal of Philosophy 7:2, pp.158-166 (2006); K.C. Pandey in: Cadernos de Filosofia 22, pp.125-134 (2007); Lynette Reid in: Philosophical Investigations 31:2, pp.182-190 (2008). No. 7: Erich Ammereller in: Philosophical Investigations 18(2), pp.173-177 (1995).

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  • No 22, 2011. Hans Biesenbach: Anspielungen und Zitate im Werk Ludwig Wittgensteins, German with quotations in original languages; introduction in German and English. 446 pages. ISBN 978-82-91071-25-1. Price: NOK 400 (+ porto). Front matter and excerpt.

  • No 21, 2008. James M. Thompson: Wittgenstein on Phenomenology and Experience: An Investigation of Wittgenstein's 'Middle' Period, English. 150 pages. ISBN: 978-82-91071-24-4. Price: NOK 250 (+ porto).

  • No 20, 2008. Harald Johannessen: Interpreting Wittgenstein, English. 118 pages. ISBN: 978-82-91071-23-7. Price: NOK 250 (+ porto).

  • No 19, 2007. Denis Paul: Wittgenstein's Progress 1929-1951, English. 360 pages. ISBN-13: 978-82-91071-22-0, ISBN-10: 82-91071-22-0. Price: NOK 350 (+ porto). Excerpt.

  • With No 19, the English name for "Skriftserie fra Wittgensteinarkivet ved Universitetet i Bergen" has been changed from "Working Papers from the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen" to "Publications from the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen".

  • No 18, 2006. Alois Pichler: Project Report 2003-2005. English. 36 pages. ISBN 82-91071-21-7. Electronic pdf-version

  • No 17, 2005. Alois Pichler & Simo Säätelä (eds.): Wittgenstein: The Philosopher and his Works. Introduction, Simo Säätelä & Alois Pichler (excerpt). Wittgenstein and the relation between life and philosophy, Knut Erik Tranøy (abstract | excerpt). Trying to keep philosophy honest, Lars Hertzberg (abstract | excerpt). Remarks on Wittgenstein’s use of the terms “Sinn”, “sinnlos”, “unsinnig”, “wahr”, and “Gedanke” in the Tractatus, Georg Henrik von Wright (abstract | excerpt). Wittgenstein’s early philosophy of language and the idea of ‘the single great problem’, Marie McGinn (abstract | excerpt). Peter Winch on the Tractatus and the unity of Wittgenstein’s philosophy, Cora Diamond (abstract | excerpt). How many Wittgensteins?, David G. Stern (abstract | excerpt). Taking avowals seriously: The soul a public affair, Eike von Savigny (abstract | excerpt). Of knowledge and of knowing that someone is in pain, P.M.S. Hacker (abstract | excerpt). Wittgenstein and history, Hans-Johann Glock (abstract | excerpt). Impure reason vindicated, Allan Janik (abstract | excerpt). Wittgenstein’s philosophy of pictures, Kristóf Nyíri (abstract | excerpt). A case of early Wittgensteinian dialogism: Stances on the impossibility of “Red and green in the same place”, Antonia Soulez (abstract | excerpt). Wittgenstein: Philosophy and literature, Brian McGuinness (abstract | excerpt). A brief history of Wittgenstein editing, Anthony Kenny (abstract | excerpt). What is a work by Wittgenstein?, Joachim Schulte (abstract | excerpt). Evaluating the Bergen Electronic Edition, Herbert Hrachovec (abstract | excerpt). Wittgenstein in digital form: Perspectives for the future, Cameron McEwen (abstract | excerpt). Bibliography. Authors and abstracts. Index. English. 420 pages. ISBN 82-91071-20-9. Out of print.

    NB: A revised and extended edition of this volume has been published in 2006 at the ontos verlag and is also available as eBook for Adobe Reader (Publications of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society 2).

  • No 16, 2003. Alois Pichler: Project Report 2000-2002. English. 10 pages. ISBN 82-91071-19-5. Electronic pdf-version

  • No 15, 1998. Wilhelm Krüger & Alois Pichler (Hg.): Arbeiten zu Wittgenstein. Vorwort, Wilhelm Krüger & Alois Pichler. Wittgenstein: Graphics, Normativity and Paradigms, Michael Biggs. Systematisierungsmöglichkeiten von Wittgensteins Sprachspielverfahren, Kai Buchholz. A Note on Wittgenstein's Remark: «Es ist schwer, mit einem Messer im Leib zu arbeiten», Peter Cripps. Untersuchungen zu Wittgensteins «Diktat für Schlick», Peter Keicher. To What Extent is Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations a Patchwork? Proposal for a Research Programme, Masahiro Oku. Der Gedanke sprachlicher Stellvertretung in Wittgensteins «Big Typescript», Thomas Weiss. «... predestination in St Paul, is ...». Wittgenstein's religious-philosophical notes of August-December 1937, Peter K. Westergaard. «Wer eine Frage stellt, auf die er die Antwort weiß, lügt doch!» Hans-Georg Gadamer im Gespräch mit Cato Wittusen, Cato Wittusen. A Survey of the Duplicate Pages in Wittgenstein's TS 210, TS 211 and TS 213, Peter Cripps. Catalogue of the Trinity College Library Microfilm of Wittgenstein's Nachlass, Peter Cripps. German and English. 213 pages. ISBN 82-91071-18-7. Price: NOK 100 (+ porto).

  • No 14, 1997. Alois Pichler: Wittgensteins Philosophische Untersuchungen: Zur Textgenese von PU §1-4. Pichler's investigation of the textual genesis of the first four sections of the Philosophische Untersuchungen consists of two parts. The first (pp. 9-35) describes the various versions of the work as a whole («early version», «intermediate version» etc.) in the context of the Nachlaß. It presents the accompanying forewords and distinguishes five phases in the genesis of the Untersuchungen (1929-44; revisions in hand up to 1950). The second part (pp. 36-99) discusses the versions of the four sections as they developed in Wittgenstein's manuscripts, typescripts and dictations (1931-50: von Wright's catalogue numbers 111, 114, 115, 140, 141, 142, 152; 211, 212, 213, 220, 239, 226, 227; 310, 311). The development is presented graphically in two appendices; in a further appendix Pichler attempts a critical reading of the four sections. German. 135 pages. ISBN 82-91071-17-9. Price: NOK 100 (+ porto). Electronic pdf-version

  • No 13, 1996. Peter Philipp: Bibliographie zur Wittgenstein-Literatur. Überarbeitet, ergänzt und herausgegeben von Frank Kannetzky und Richard Raatzsch. Peter Philipp's «Bibliographie zur Wittgenstein-Literatur», completed and posthumously edited by Frank Kannetzky and Richard Raatzsch, is one of the most comprehensive Wittgenstein bibliographies available. It improves on earlier bibliographies in several respects. For example, it lists not only literature that deals directly with Wittgenstein, and here as well from the Eastern European Countries, but partly also dissertations, newspaper articles and literature that influenced Wittgenstein's writings. The bibliography is alphabetically arranged and includes entries from 1899 to 1996. German. Approx. 500 pages. ISBN 82-91071-16-0. Price: NOK 100 (+ porto). Electronic pdf-version

  • No 12, 1996. Claus Huitfeldt: Annual Report 1995. Norwegian-English text. 30 pages. ISBN 82-91071-15-2. Out of print. Electronic pdf-version

  • No 11, 1996. Michael Biggs: Editing Wittgenstein's «Notes on Logic». Volume one contains a discussion of, and detailed comparison between, the two published editions of Wittgenstein's «Notes on Logic». It also contains many tables and concordances by which the published editions may be compared with one another, and to four scripts of the work which are still extant. The second volume provides the reader with a typographical representation of each of these four scripts in its entirety and made available in published form for the first time. English. 2 volumes (80 + 152 pages). ISBN 82-91071-12-8. Out of print. Electronic pdf-version of Volume 1; electronic pdf-version of Volume 2. WWW-edition (html) of item 201

  • No 10, 1995. Claus Huitfeldt: Annual Report 1994. Norwegian-English text. 30 pages. ISBN 82-91071-09-8. Out of print. Electronic pdf-version

  • No 9, 1995. Claus Huitfeldt: Project Report 1990-1993 and Critical Evaluation. English. 107 pages. ISBN 82-91071-10-1. Out of print. Electronic pdf-version

  • No 8, 1994. Alois Pichler: Untersuchungen zu Wittgensteins Nachlass. This monograph consists of a general introduction to Wittgenstein's Nachlaß, describes its structures, and in the light of this, points to problems with which the Nachlaß confronts the research scholar. (Part 1). This is followed by specific research about aspects of the Nachlaß and Wittgenstein's method of working: the production of notebooks, fair copies, typescripts and typescript cuttings; the marking of text with revision signs; the use of indentation; the use of alternatives. Particular attention is paid here to the genesis of manuscripts and typescripts from 1929-1933. (Part 2). Appendices include empirical evidence for the theses put forward in Part 2 and a chronologically ordered synopsis of the Nachlaß which lists the date, the location of origin and where applicable the place of publication of all Nachlaß items. The monograph concludes with a bibliography of Wittgenstein's works. This is a revision of the bibliography published in the Working Papers no. 7, by Michael Biggs and Alois Pichler. German. 241 pages. ISBN 82-91071-07-1. Price: NOK 100 (+ porto). Electronic pdf-version

  • No 7, 1993. Michael Biggs & Alois Pichler: Wittgenstein: Two Source Catalogues and a Bibliography. An indication of the Nachlaß sources for Wittgenstein's published texts and diagrams. The monograph is designed as a guide for people who wish to study the original manuscripts which form the basis for the posthumous publications and therefore need catalogue references for correspondences between the published material and the Nachlaß. The catalogues are supplemented by an extensive bibliography of Wittgenstein's published work which lists editions both with and without a source in Wittgenstein's Nachlaß. Preface, Michael Biggs and Alois Pichler. Part 1: A Source Catalogue of the Published Texts, Alois Pichler. Part 2: A Source Catalogue of the Published Diagrams, Michael Biggs. Bibliography, Michael Biggs and Alois Pichler. English. 175 pages. ISBN 82-91071-06-3. Out of print. Electronic pdf-version Review: Erich Ammereller in: Philosophical Investigations 18(2), pp.173-177 (1995).

  • No 6, 1993. Peter Philipp & Richard Raatzsch: Essays on Wittgenstein. Preface. Abbreviations. Philosophical Investigations 2: Wittgenstein's Remarks on a Complete Language, Richard Raatzsch. Philosophical Investigations 65ff: On Family Resemblance, Richard Raatzsch. Philosophical Investigations 206: The Common Behaviour of Mankind, Richard Raatzsch. Philosophical Investigations 293: Privat versus Public Beetles, Peter Philipp. Philosophical Investigations 244: «Physiognomic language-games?», Richard Raatzsch. How not to speak on Wittgenstein and Social Science, Richard Raatzsch. The Philosophical Background of some Tendencies in Epistemic Logic, Peter Philipp. English. 178 pages. ISBN 82-91071-05-5. Out of print. Electronic pdf-version

  • No 5, 1992. Paul Henry & Arild Utaker (eds.): Wittgenstein and Contemporary Theories of Language. Preface. Wittgenstein and Contemporary Linguists, Paul Henry. Comments on Henry's Paper, Arild Utaker. Language, Computer Sciences and Tacit Knowledge, Kjell S. Johannessen. A Void in Wittgenstein's Later Philosophy, Harald Johannessen. The Duality of Wittgenstein's Phenomenological Actuality, Elisabeth Rigal. Comment on Rigal's Paper, Richard Raatzsch. The Failure of Wittgensteinian Therapy and the Philosophical Law of Truth, Jacques Poulain. Comment on Poulain's Paper, Audun Øfsti. Words and Objects, Jakob Meløe. Multidimensional Texts in a One-dimensional Medium, Claus Huitfeldt. Comment on Huitfeldt's Paper, Bjørn Kvalsvik. Form in Language: Wittgenstein and Structuralism, Arild Utaker. Comment on Utaker's Paper, Elisabeth Rigal. Wittgenstein's Later Manuscripts: Some Remarks on Style and Writing, Alois Pichler. English. 251 pages. ISBN 82-91071-04-7. Out of print. Electronic pdf-version

  • No 4, 1992. Claus Huitfeldt: Annual Report 1991. Norwegian-English parallel text. 47 pages. ISBN 82-91071-03-9. Out of print. Electronic pdf-version

  • No 2, 1991. Claus Huitfeldt: Background, Project Plan and Annual Report 1990. Norwegian-English parallel text. 60 pages. ISBN 82-91071-01-4. Out of print. Electronic pdf-version

  • No 1, 1991. Alois Pichler: Ludwig Wittgenstein, Culture and Value: A List of Source Manuscripts. An indication of the manuscript sources of all the remarks published in «Vermischte Bemerkungen»/«Culture and Value» in terms of manuscript number, page number and date of composition. In addition the list indicates which of the remarks have been written in Wittgenstein's secret code. German-English parallel text. 52 pages. ISBN 82-91071-10-1. Out of print. Electronic pdf-version